Change Management: Verander- en groeitrajecten

De ontwikkelingen in de markt gaan steeds sneller. Continu aandacht voor verandering en groei is daarom ook noodzakelijk. Effectief verandermanagement is belangrijk voor elke organisatie.

Veranderingen binnen organisaties zijn dikwijls ingrijpend van aard, de gevolgen ervan groot. Ze roepen tal van vragen op. Met name bij uw eigen medewerkers en hun managers. Daarnaast brengen veranderingen dikwijls omvangrijke investeringen met zich mee en voltrekken zich vaak onder grote tijdsdruk. Toch wilt u de regie van verandertrajecten en de controle hierover natuurlijk graag in handen houden.

Wat zijn nu de succesfactoren om de noodzakelijke verandering én uiteindelijke groei van uw organisatie te realiseren? En hoe kunt u verander- en groeitrajecten nu versnellen? Op basis van onder meer de kloof analyse ondersteunt SOMMOS uw organisatie en mensen waarbij u de regie houdt over groei- en verander trajecten! Are you ready?

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New Market Entry


When considering to establish your presence in The Netherlands or Benelux, you require information on many different topics. At SOMMOS we can help you , not only gathering the relevant information but with an immediate representation and execution. Since many years SOMMOS has built expertise and a network of contacts in various business & industrial fields, and has acquired the knowledge of local conditions and practices, which enables them to operate successfully in the multi-lingual, multi-cultural Benelux market, gateway to Europe.

SOMMOS facilitates your market entry

SOMMOS facilitates your market entry

Entrepreneurs as such taking co-responsibility and co-ownership, SOMMOS represents you in the local market and/or sets up your local office. Through our extensive business network, we manage or put you in contact with lawyers, notary, accountants, fiscal specialists, real estate agencies and governmental business facilitators. These contacts are experts in their respective fields and have worked together with our clients on many occasions.
In addition, SOMMOS can give you a unique insight into the labour markets, providing you with valuable information on labour law, compensation and benefits as well as useful information on candidate demographics. SOMMOS is associate partner of

Why interim management is necessary and can be the solution to further growth!


Successful modern organizations use the motivation and intelligence of the individuals (“self-management”) and the strength of coordination based on the common goal (“self-organization”). Therefore, these organizations have less “managers”. However, in some situations the deployment of an interim manager is useful or necessary.The development of modern organizations is a process of continuous performance improvement. Through the power of self-direction and self-organization, employees can improve their own products and processes as they learn from their own mistakes and through direct contact with customers. Sometimes this evolutionary development is not sufficient and is a revolutionary breakthrough in the short-term needed. In other cases the organization is stuck in rigid ideas and a fresh perspective from outside needed. In these situations, an interim manager is of added value.After intervention by the interim manager, the organization comes back on its own power on the new or higher evolutionary path. In the long term evolution is a sustainable model because only with self-management and self-organization of its employees it creates a learning organization.